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innovative technology creel Mobile The CREELMobile 2D barcoding platform, allowing publishers and advertisers a way to reach individual users by utilizing the latest in mobile web browser and android technologies. The 2D action codes push digital content to handsets at the moment the scan is activated. This innovative technology allows print media to be interactive with the user and provides advertisers and publishers data for future marketing capabilities. Please see the CREELMobile PowerPoint presentation attached and the service fees below. 1 Download and install your favorite QR code reader 2 Launch the application and scan the QR Code 3 Your phone reads the QR code and automatically loads interactive content. creel digital edition n An online, digital reproduction of your printed publication with enhanced links and dynamic advertising opportunities. n Provides new opportunities for marketing publications to new readers and advertisers. n High quality full service production & hosting at special valued client rates. n No software or plug-in install required by online readers. n Complete startup resources to assist publishers in optimizing revenue and growth, including online tracking statistics. cips-creel interactive publishing solution cips n Secure Internet Based File Submission and Approval allows you to submit and view your Print Projects using any web browser application by directly connecting to our print production system. n Provides Flight Check reports for pass/fail using integrated notification system. n Group policies allowing multi-user access, submission, approval and notification. n View the project in a flat-plan, dual, or single page format. n View the history of each project. n Provide a Digital Sign Off (Signature) CREEL U pload M y a d UPLOAD MY AD c i Ps and C i pS d eMo SiteS : | | U ser N AMe : creeLAD U ser N AMe : creeL | P AsswOrD : A D s eND ! | P AsswOrD : creeL httP :// creeL . UPLOADMYAD . cOM httP :// ciPs . creeLPriNt . cOM digital rights Management -drM CREEL Printing also offers Digital Rights Management services to our clients. This service will deliver content to a multitude of e-reader devices including the SONY Reader daily, SONY Pocket, SONY Digital Book, Kindle, Nook, and iPAD. digital variable printing: Xerox iGen4: n Short-run, on demand printing of books, high-end collateral, photo specialty products, brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, point of purchase materials, and sell sheets n Variable data pieces n Cross-media campaigns n Wide array of paper stocks including coated, uncoated, textured, smooth, and specialty; and the largest cut-sheet size of any digital color press (14.33” x 22.5”) DocuTech HighLight Color: n Expand your opportunities for transactional and publishing applications n 16 to 110 lb (60 to 200 gsm) cut-sheet paper weights n Specialty: labels, tabs, carbonless, preperforated safety, pre-printed offset forms, and other stocks n Black plus blue, royal blue, cyan, red, cardinal red, green, magenta, and yellow

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