PLSN January 2017 : Cover 2

duratruss NOt ONLY Offers a wide varietY Of Light dutY, medium dutY aNd heavY dutY trussiNg prOducts, but we aLsO Offer acces-sOries, cLamps aNd stagiNg prOducts that aLLOw YOu tO creativeLY buiLd YOur visiON . TRUSS GRID DT-DYNO WHEEL • Round ToTem Top foR f34 • diameTeR: 3.28fT • Tube diameTeR: 50mm(1.96”) dT-fXmT TRuSS ToppeR & fLooR STand dt-prO4000 dt-3900L 24x30 BASe PlATe dt-prO5200 TRuSS ToppeR foR f34 SQuaRe TRuSS poRTabLe fLooR STand UNIT WeIGHT 7 lBS.

DuraTruss/Global Truss America

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