Musical Merchandise Review January 2017 : Cover 2

1,000,000 units sold. The direct box that started an industry. In 1975 when we created the first commercial direct box, we didn’t realize we were creating an industry. Well this industry standard has remained the go to direct box for 40 years, and continues to be the standard that all direct boxes are measured against. A million units later, this tireless work-horse is still hand-built the way it was when we first invented it. The Imp 2, another timeless clas-sic from the company that invented the direct box. 1 -8 0 0 -7 3 3 -9 4 7 3 | 9 9 L i n g R d . R o c h e s t e r, NY 1 4 6 1 2 w h i r l w i n d u s a . co m

Whirlwind Music, Inc.

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