School Band and Orchestra December 2016 : Cover 2

WHY IT’S NOT JUST WHERE, IT’S… OUR TEAM IS THE BEST TO SERVE YOU Our nationwide team consists of caring and enthusiastic educators and musicians who understand the importance of an event such as this, and the long lasting positive effects it can have on young lives and music programs. Not only our office team reflects this commitment—our on-site festival coordinators are carefully selected based upon their knowledge and understanding of performing ensembles, their dedication to providing a high quality and enjoyable experience for you and your students…. and their love of music.Founded in 1982 by Dr. James Wells, then Director of Bands at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, the goal of Festivals of Music has always been to bring together the best music educators to share their expertise with conductors and school musicians eager to grow and improve their musicianship. WHY FESTIVALS OF MUSIC IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR ENSEMBLE • Because our focus and passion is on creating the best musically educational outcomes for your students • Because we work collaboratively with you and your travel planner to ensure a successful experience • Because we’re also musicians...and take this as seriously as you do • Because we know the difference this can make with your students and your program Because we understand it’s not just the destination… it’s the journey. We support and demonstrate our commitment to music education, professional quality, and integrity through our active involvement with many key organizations:

Festivals of Music

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