PLSN November 2016 : Cover 2

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX CLAMPS: DUraTrUSS NOT ONLY OffErS a wIDE varIET Y Of LIgHT DUT Y, mEDIUm DUT Y aND HEavY DUTY TrUSSINg prOD-UcTS, BUT wE aLSO OffEr accESSOrIES, cL ampS aND S TagIN g prODUcTS THaT aLLOw YOU TO crEaTIvELY DESIgN YOUr STagE Or LIgHT-SHOw “OUTSIDE THE BOX.” DuraTruss/global Truss america Tel: 323.415.6225 TRUSS GRID DT-QUIcK grID (matte black) or DT-QUIcK grID/Tp (aluminum finish ) Maximum load 440 lbs. 200kg Minimum load 22 lbs. 10kg Maximum height 16.40 ft. 5000mm Weight 110 lbs. 50kg DT-PRO5200 globaltrussusa

DuraTruss/Global Truss America

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