FRONT of HOUSE January 2015 : IFC

Subs out of control? Ottocorrect. Now shipping! Never before has there been such astonishing low frequency pattern control. Otto ™ extends Adaptive Performance ™ into the sub‐bass range, providing idealized LF coverage for the venue. Like Anya ™ , Otto utilizes proprietary software and hardware giving users the extraordinary ability to defne (and redefne) coverage in situ, even midshow. At just 31.5" square x 24", two high-power 18" cones featuring Ofset Aperture ™ loading generate optimally-spaced acoustical sources at the corners of the enclosure. The module’s rotational symmetry provides enormous fexibility in designing scalable systems for ideal coverage. A single module provides omni, cardioid or hyper-cardioid patterns, y patterns patte s are a e a and highly complex directivity achieved in arrays. Ottocorrect Get your subs under control – autocorrect autocorrect. t t W With Otto. For more information about Otto and Adaptive Performance, visit +


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