Event Production Directory 2014 : IFC

TM TRIPLE CROWN! www.b-eye.it K10 CC K10 Easy K20 K10 A REVOLUTIONARY, AWARD-WINNING RANGE OF SOPHISTICATED LED WASH-LIGHTS, THAT FIT ALL NEEDS. All models feature: incomparable color and white light control, with light evenly diffused on the front lens and no visible gaps between LEDs. Zoom ranging from an impressive minimum of 4° (which turns the lu-minaire into a beam-light) up to 60°. B-EYE K10, B-EYE K20 and K10 “Easy” generate, thru individual LED control, active eye-candy chromatic patterns and a striking array of inde-pendent micro-beams, that can be used for digital gobo design (virtual gobos) and aerial effect morphing. New York A.C.T Lighting East 122 John Street – Hackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: 201 996-0884 – Fax: 201 996-0811 www.actlighting.com The full versions of B-EYE K10 and B-EYE K20 produce the revolution-ary “vortex” and its unique kalei-doscopic projections, for countless fantastic atmospheric effects that may be controlled in shape, color and speed. Toronto A.C.T Lighting Canada 570 Alden Rd. Unit 4 -Markham, ON L3R 8N5 Phone: 416 907 6770 – Fax: 416 628 8406 www.actlighting.com Los Angeles A.C.T Lighting, Inc. 5308 Derry Ave. Unit R -Agoura Hills, CA 910301 Phone: 818 707-0884 -Fax: 818 707-0512 www.actlighting.com

Clay Paky

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