PLSN July 2013 : Page 13

GLOBAL NEWS LD Simon Tutchener Lights Mark Knopfer with New Gear LONDON — For Mark Knopfer’s recent shows, LD Simon Tutchener has gotten the chance to play with some new toys — includ-ing Clay Paky’s Alpha Spot QWO 800 fxtures. Tutchener credited the QWO 800s for their brightness, compact size and ability to stay sharp while zooming in a 7.6 to 55 de-gree range — “a real boon” in adding some “dynamics” while complying with Knopfer’s ban on lamp and gobo movement during his songs. Noting the need to keep eight peo-ple in the band properly lit, he also called the QWO “a real workhorse.” Tutchener is using more than 50 Clay Paky Sharpys, including the Sharpy Wash, along with some S4 profles for pick-ups and Moles for audience light. Tutchener also went “a lit-tle retro” with 24 Par64 ACLs in the design. More details at LD Simon Tutchener with Glyn O’Donoghue from Ambersphere, Clay Paky’ s U.K. distributor Elvis Costello Tour Swaps Set List for Spinning Wheel LIVERPOOL, U.K. — For Elvis Costello and The Imposters’ Revolver , tour, which swaps a set list for a spinning wheel that lets audience members take a spin and select songs at ran-dom, Adlib provided lighting, sound and rig-ging equipment and crew. The band chose the backdrop, which they have used previously — a faded, old-fash-ioned TV set — along with the song wheel. Adlib’s Neil Holloway created the lighting design using a blend of classic and contem-porary elements. He trimmed some of the PAR 64s from their previous rig, replaced all those that were on the front truss with 10 ETC Source Fours (a mix of 19 ° and 25 ° -50 ° lenses) and four Martin MAC Aura LED washes. The back truss — trimmed just at the top of the backdrop — is made up of fve sections of pre-rig, loaded with seven bars of PARs plus four Martin MAC 700 Spots for some rear key light and solo pick-ups and general con-trast in light. On the foor, eight more MAC Auras, four JB Lighting A8 LED fxtures and two A12s back-light the band. Basic pixel mapping is used on these, which are zoned into eight sections. Sweeping up the backdrop, and bringing some rich psychedelic color to the area, are 12 Philips CK ColorBlaze LED battens. Also feeding into Holloway’s grandMA2 light con-sole are the LEDs around the perimeter of the wheel. Luminex Joins AVnu Alliance HECHTEL-EKSEL, Belgium — Luminex Network Intelligence joined the AVnu Alli-ance, the industry consortium that certifes IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) prod-ucts for interoperability. Luminex is a developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equip-ment for the entertainment industry. The AVnu Alliance, Beaverton, OR, is a non-proft organization formed by member companies to create compliance test proce-dures and processes that ensure AVB interop-erability of networked AV devices. More details at • 2013 JULY 13 GUIDO KARP


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