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May 2013 • $5.00 Focus on Flutes • Beautiful Tone for the New Flutist • Top Tips to Great Flute Playing Sight-Reading Technology: A Consistent Approach, Consistent Results Survey: Uniforms and Footwear New Providence High School’s Michael Niedziejko In Step elements of pageantry within the marching world de-mand close attention to uniforms, footwear, and ac-cessories. This recent SBO reader survey was designed to provide some insight into the latest trends in uni-form and footwear design and materials, purchasing habits, and budgets for such items among music edu-cators and school band directors nationwide. What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in regards to uni-form styles and materials? with Uniform and Footwear Trends W hile preparation and presentation of the music is at the top of the priority list for band directors of any ensemble, “For the last several years I’ve seen more and more bands eliminate the side stripe on pants. We call them ‘cheater pants.’” Alison Fisher Pomona High School Pomona, Calif. “Uniform parts that are easily removed or added, such as sashes and capes are still popular. It seems as though more peo-ple are looking at lighter weight uniforms also, due to the de-creased expense.” Birch Wilson Robbinsville High School Robbinsville, N.J. 18 School Band and Orchestra • May 2013 READ SBO on the iPad!

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