PLSN November 2017 : Cover 1

Vol. 18.10 November, 2017 NEWS SPOTLIGHT 9 Tony Levin to Host 17th Parnelli Awards, Ballot Finalized, Vote Today! Lady Gaga’s Joanne Tour Resumes after Battle with Illness Stolen BML-Blackbird Truck Recovered with Lighting Gear Intact 9 9 BUYERS GUIDE 102 Hard Edge Spots LED Source 128 Elation Dartz 360 62 WIDE FOCUS PROJECTION CONNECTION p. 109 New Looks, Projection and Challenges for After Laughter Tour COVER IMAGE BY STEVE JENNINGS WHAT’S HOT 32 Production Profile Sam Hunt's "15 in a 30" Tour 40 Event Design Linkin Park at the Hollywood Bowl 98 Hometown Heroes Six Regional Winners Get the Nod


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