PLSN February 2015 : Cover

PROJE CT I HTS & STA , LI G GI ON Vol. 16.01 February, 2015 S NEW NG AN YEAR NIVERSARY News Spotlight 5 Linkin Park, Black Keys Shows Sidelined by Performer Injuries 5 Westbury National Stafs Up, Expands in Ottawa, Kingston ON Milestones: PLSN Celebrates its 15th Anniversary 30 28 Buyers y Guide LED Displays PROJECTION CONNECTION p. 45 You spin me INTRODUCING THE M 1 -SERIES • High resolution panels with a larger footprint • Available in pitch 3.91 and 4.81 • Each panel is over The endless pan 3 & tilt tall! makes the feet 36 Designer Insights XLED 2007 Beam go right round. for more info Prismatic World Tour 2014-15 COVER PHOTO BY STEVE JENNINGS Chauvet Professional C6 WHAT’S HOT 26 Inside Theatre Projection Goes Digital at the Met 32 Production Profle Usher's "UR Experience" Tour 60 LD-at-Large Lightswitch's John Featherstone

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