PLSN January 2015 : Cover

Vol. 15.12 January, 2015 News Spotlight 5 In Memoriam: Jack Calmes, Founder of Syncrolite, Showco Total Settlement for Indiana Victims Near $50 Million PRG Acquires Chaos Visual Productions 5 47 PROJECTION CONNECTION p. 47 You spin me GIVING YOU MORE THAN ONE WAY 55 Robe's R b ' BMFL Road Test TO LIGHT YOUR STAGE 34 PLSN Interview The endless pan & tilt makes the XLED 2007 Beam go right round. Coming February 2015 Multi-position color-changing wash fixture with pixel control and low profile Video Looms Large for the Band's Return to the Stage COVER PHOTO BY STEVE JENNINGS WHAT’S HOT 28 Designer Insights Elton John's Diving Board Tour 40 Production Profle Blue Looks for Jack White 60 LD-at-Large The Fillmore's Stosh Rickenbach


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