PLSN May 2014 : Cover

Vol. 15.04 May, 2014 News Spotlight 5 Benny Collins Named 2014 Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Honoree Parnelli Classic Golf Tournament Set for June 17 In Memoriam: Mo Morrison's "Amazing Journey" Designer Insights 36 6 16 PROJECTION CONNECTION p. 49 SOFT FOCUS FRESNEL WITH LED AND ZOOM DRAMA LED Z FRESNEL 200 Tool's Distinctive Look 32 Production Profle Road Test t W h Martin MAC Quantum Wash 56 Soft-focus lighting Fresnel Electronic Zoom Powerful 200-watt LED Warm white or cool white LED COVER PHOTO BY DANIEL SMYTH WHAT’S HOT 38 Installations LEDs Add Table Gaming Allure 44 Behind the Lens The Amazing Spider-Man 2 54 Projection Design Big Z's Full-Court Tribute

Mega Systems

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