FRONT of HOUSE March 2014 : Cover

Vol. 12.06 March 2014 FRONT OF HOUSE Road Test 44 Begins Wireless 5 Industry Talks with FCC Ear Trumpet Labs' Myrtle Microphone 5 at Concord Music Hall Four Hit by Ceiling Debris Audiotek Supports 5 ATK 56th Grammy Awards 38 Buyers Guide Headworn Microphones 28 Production Profile 45 Tech Preview Michael Conner & Howard Page Powersoft X-Series Amplifers inside this month COVER PHOTO BY STEVE JENNINGS 30 Installations Hot New Theater Projects 48 Theory & Practice Getting a Killer Bass Sound 52 FOH-at-Large Generating a Blackout Fix INTRODUCING THE FIRST FULL RANGE RESPONSE AMBIENT IEM FEATURING For the live performer who doesn't just want to hear everything on stage, he needs to FEEL it! The Ambient FR is the first full range response ambient IEM that offers the proper level of attenuation without shrinking the frequency range. Featuring balanced bass tuned for no low end loss , so you get the connection with the audience you so desperately desire while hearing the best audio on the planet. | ©2014 Jerry Harvey Audio

JH Audio

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