PLSN January 2014 : Cover

Vol. 14.12 January, 2014 News Spotlight 5 Elation Professional Opens New Facility in South Florida ETC Expands with New Wisconsin Factory, NYC Ofce Upgrade iWeiss Names Jennifer Tanklef President, Richard Parks VP Showtime: Top 10 Tours 6 7 PrOJecTiON cONNecTiON p. 35 32 18 Crew and Gear for 2013's Top Treks Production Profle 40 road Test elation Platinum Beam 5r extreme LD Nick Whitehouse on the 20/20 Experience World Tour Cover Photo: raLPh LarMann WHAT’S HOT 26 Designer Insights Fleetwood Mac Live 28 Installations Level 2 Club 44 LD-at-Large "Lose the Lip"


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