FRONT of HOUSE December 2013 : Cover

Vol. 12.03 FrontoF House December 2013 5 In Memoriam: Gene Clair, 73 Co-Founder, Clair Global Sennheiser to FCC: Make Auction Winners Pay for 600 MHz UHF Range Just a Bunch of Roadies Assists with Philippines Typhoon Relief Efort 5 Parnelli Awards Highlights 6 24 Production Profle 20 Accolades and Surprises on the Industry's Big Night 30 Road Test Subscribe to FOH on your mobile devices! Go to Eighth Ei h h Day S Sound d and d d&b audiotechnik di ik B Bring i Hi Hi-Fi Fi i to Hi Hip H Hop COvER PHOTO OF FOH ENGINEER DEMETRIUS MOORE BY STEvE JENNINGS CEDAR Audio DNS8 Live Noise Reduction System inside this month 23 Mo Morrison First Parnelli Hall of Fame Inductee 33 Theory and Practice Gift Items for a Cool Yule 36 FOH-at-Large Skills for the Brave New (Audio) World

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