PLSN September 2013 : Cover

Vol. 14.08 September, 2013 News Spotlight 5 EDM Festival in NYC Cut Short by Deaths from Drug Overdoses 30+ Sponsors for 2013 Parnelli Awards Gala; Nominations Continue NC Stage Evacuated Shortly Before Winds Topple Canopy 30 5 Agog at the Guggenheim event Design 8 PrOjecTiON cONNecTiON p. 39 XSF Truss Frames Aten Reign Subscribe to PLSN on your mobile devices! A Member of the Milos Group 28 STRENGTH UNDER PRESSURE IT'S ENGINEERED INTO EVERYTHING WE DO Justin BieBer Tom Marzullo’s Epic Visuals for Bieber’s Believe Tour WHAT’S HOT Cover PhoTo: STeve JenninGS Designer insights Go to 42 Video Production Profle Maroon 5 Overexposed Tour 49 Designer Watch Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour 52 LD-at-Large Least-Favorite Colors


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