New to soccer? Learn the basics and get involved! TEAM Teams in AYSO vary in size according to age. Smaller teams allow more touches on the ball and a better learning experience for younger players. This is how the world’s greatest soccer stars honed their skills! THE Even better, every child plays at least half of every game in AYSO – making Player Development a huge priority. HERE’S SOME NUMBERS: U-6 U-8 U-10 WWW.AYSO.ORG PLAY 3-V-3 (NO MORE THAN 5 ON A ROSTER) U-12 12+ PLAY 9-V-9 (NO MORE THAN 12 ON A ROSTER) PLAY 5-V-5 (NO MORE THAN 7 ON A ROSTER) PLAY 11-V-11 (FULL SIDED SOCCER) PLAY 7-V-7 (NO MORE THAN 10 ON A ROSTER) LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES OF SMALL-SIDED SOCCER: AYSO.org /smallsidedsoccer FOR FOR MORE INFO INFO 9 MORE

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