It’s time to fall in love with soccer. HOW DO YOU ENTER? THERE’S TWO WAYS: 1 2 Capture your AYSO experience! Take a photo of something AYSO – a jersey, the fields on game day, etc., and upload it to our Facebook page: Facebook.com/AYSOSoccer. Tweet @AYSO_Soccer with #AYSOParentGuide with your favorite tip from this booklet. “Our AYSO gear!” #AYSOParentGuide And you should stay connected with AYSO on social media. Periodically throughout the year, we’ll be quizzing our fans and followers on facts from this Parent’s Guide and giving away more fun prizes! Remember, once in the AYSO family, always in the AYSO family! (Many will enter, few will win) facebook.com/AYSOsoccer FOR FOR MORE INFO INFO WWW.AYSO.ORG MORE 23

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