Got questions? We’ve got answers. HOW OFTEN ARE PRACTICES/GAMES? Practices are held once or twice a week; sometimes the youngest players have a combined practice and game on a weekend. Games are usually held on weekends – the location will be determined by your Region. MY CHILD WITHDREW -CAN I GET A REFUND? We’re sorry to see you go! Refund policies are set locally by the Regions, and do vary. Please refer to your Region’s website for complete information. :( WHAT’S MY REGION WEBSITE? You can find that information by visiting www.AYSO.org/region_locator. Type in your zip code, and your Region number and the website address will pop up. MORE QUESTIONS? VISIT WWW.AYSO.ORG/PARENT_FAQ FOR MORE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. AYSO.org/region_locator FOR FOR MORE INFO INFO MORE WWW.AYSO.ORG 21

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