We know you and your player are excited for the upcoming season – we just want you to know that once the season ends, the excitement doesn’t have to! Here are 11 fun activities that you and your budding soccer star can do together in the offseason: 1. Soccer Tennis To play, find a tennis court and take turns kicking the ball back and forth over the net. Can’t find a tennis court? You can create a “net” by drawing a line on the ground with street chalk. 2. Soccer Bowling Line up water bottles (or other unbreakable items) in the traditional bowling formation and kick the ball (keeping it on the ground) to knock over as many “pins” as you can. [FOR 9 MORE SCAN BELOW ] Tally the score after 10 rounds! Also, watch retired soccer star Greg Vanney’s fun juggling game by visiting www.AYSO.org/juggle AYSO.org/11activities 10 16 FOR FOR MORE INFO INFO 800.872.2976 MORE

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