AYSO’s Balanced Teams philosophy makes soccer a special experience. COACHES, COACH. PLAYERS, PLAY. PARENTS, CHEER. In AYSO, parents and spectators are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. This means cheering for all players (even on the other team), giving positive reinforcement and no coaching from the sidelines. Jim Liston – an AYSO dad and professional soccer trainer – talks to parents about staying positive on the sidelines. Scan below to watch or visit www.AYSO.org/jimliston To help spread the word, AYSO created Kids Zone – a program that reminds moms and dads about the importance of setting a great example for their player. There’s even a pledge parents can an sign to commit to positive and encouraging behavior on n game days. Sign it here! www.AYSO.org/kidszone AYSO.org /jimliston FOR MORE INFO WWW.AYSO.ORG 11

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