FRONT of HOUSE March 2013 : Cover

Vol. 11.06 FrontoF House March 2013 5 Eighth Day Sound Provides Gear for The Who’s 2013 Quadrophenia Tour U.K. Tour Manager, Singer Killed in Load-in Accident At Venue Before Show Baltzell Audio Design, ATK Audiotek Support 85th Academy Awards 26 Buyers Guide 5 5 Double-18 Subs 22 Production Profile QSC’s GP218-sw is just one of 32 boxes with low-end punch profled in this month’s issue. 30 Mixing The 2nd Law Tour cover photo by Steve JeNNINGS. pIctured, from left: SyStemS eNGINeer eddIe o’brIeN aNd foh eNGINeer marc carolaN Road Test Mackie DLM Speakers inside this month 12 Master Mix Live rick camp’s live Sound School 31 On the Digital Edge Waves NlS Non-linear Summer 36 FOH at Large “Suck fees” and other Invoicing tips

Cable Factory

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