PLSN — December 2012
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Scaffolding Near Linkin Park Concert Collapses; 19 Injured, One Killed

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Nineteen Linkin Park concert-goers making their way from a parking area to Cape Town Stadium Nov. 7 were injured when temporary scaffolding supporting a sports drink advertisement fell in high winds. One of the injured, a female, later died at the hospital; twelve others required hospitalization after the accident.

The scaffolding collapse occurred a little before 7 p.m., before the concert began, and the band, which hadn’t gotten word of the collapse, performed as usual. Linkin Park issued the following statement on their website after the performance:

“Following our performance tonight at Cape Town Stadium, we were advised that several people were injured as a result of the collapse of an advertising tower erected by Lucozade in the parking area outside the venue. We wish to express our deep sadness and concern for those injured and our heartfelt condolences to the family of the fan who died as a result of her injuries.”

Lucozade, a sports drink owned by Glaxo- SmithKline, was a sponsor of the tour. Glaxo- SmithKline was cooperating with officials investigating what might have gone wrong with the scafolding, which was reportedly inspected and approved prior to use.