PLSN — November 2011
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Salvatore Grillo is New Majority Shareholder at Coemar S.p.A.

CASTEL GOFFREDO, Italy - Coemar S.p.A. announced a new majority shareholder: Salvatore Grillo, who was also named Sole Administrator of the company. Mezzanine Management UK Ltd (now MML Capital Partners), the private equity fund that acquired Coemar 10 years ago, remains as a minority shareholder. Grillo promised a new era for the company as it returns to Italian ownership.

Grillo, a 37-year old entrepreneur, has worked for a variety of companies in Germany and the U.K. over the last 15 years. By investing in Coemar, he noted that he could play a key role helping to “sustain an Italian firm” known for products used “in over 70 countries.” Along with the Coemar name, Grillo cited “a near 80-year string of success stories” and a “a talented team that wants to express itself and constantly improve” as key draws to the brand. He was also attracted by the business it’s in: “an interesting and diversified field that’s undergoing huge transformations.” Amid a swirl of global and technological change, he added, “Coemar really wants to be young at the age of 80!”