PLSN — September 2012
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Milos Acquires Tomcat and Litec

ASHLAND, VA —Czech Republic- based Milos Group acquired two other leading trussing and staging brands: Litec and Tomcat.

The deal makes Milos one of the largest global aluminum trussing and staging groups, with Litec’s facilities in Italy and Slovakia and Tomcat’s in Mexico and the U.S. joining Milos’ 250,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space in the Czech Republic and Asia.

“Having Litec and Tomcat on board expands the ideas pool and product range to meet all staging needs with a truly international reach,” said Milos CEO Frantisek Zykan.

Zykan added that Litec’s prominence in products targeting the conference and exhibition markets and Tomcat’s forte in live music and touring would create synergies benefitting the newly merged companies as a whole.

“We are delighted to become part of the Milos Group, which will open up a huge range of creative possibilities with like-minded individuals,” said Mike Garl, president and general manager of Midland, TX-based Tomcat.

“Joining forces with Milos will enable all of us to continue offering the best staging solutions — off-the-shelf and customized — to meet the needs and exactions of our customers worldwide,” said Fabio Prada, VP sales & marketing of Litec. “Our staff is all motivated by passion, enthusiasm and initiative, which is very much the Milos ethos.”