FRONT of HOUSE — May 2012
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MSI Becomes First Company in U.S. to Purchase JBL VTX Line Arrays

BALTIMORE, MD — Maryland Sound International (MSI) recently became the first company in the U.S. to add the new Harman JBL VTX Line Array Series loudspeakers to its inventory, investing in more than 300 of the next-generation loudspeakers.

MSI president Bob Goldstein anticipated using the speakers for “large-scale events, smaller productions and everything in between.” The company first deployed its VTX system at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on April 9.

Crediting the system for “outstanding components,” Goldstein called the VTX V25 “amazing. I’m a guy who likes to experience high-frequency reproduction all the way out to 20kHz. The D2 drivers handle a ton of power with no breakup modes and no measurable distortion. Having the D2 drivers in the V25 makes a huge difference, and I wanted to have that kind of sound quality in our inventory.”

The JBL VTX Series V25 full-size, 3-way high-directivity line array element features two 2,000W, 15-inch Differential Drive® woofers mounted in die-cast aluminum baffles, with four 8-inch Differential Drive midrange transducers and three D2 dual-diaphragm dual-voice-coil compression drivers mounted on a third-generation waveguide and patented Radiation Boundary Integrator assembly.

“The new JBL D2 high-frequency driver is fantastic,” Goldstein added. “There is virtually no distortion, and designer Paul Bauman and his team came up with a new waveguide that takes full advantage of its performance to distribute extremely smooth frequency response with even coverage.”

In addition, Maryland Sound will continue to use its existing VerTec VT4889 inventory. “I think the VT4889s with the V5 software tunings are world-class, and we will not stop using them anytime soon,” Goldstein said, adding that “the VTX V25 is simply a step up in its ability to resolve musical detail.”