PLSN — November 2011
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LDI 2011: After the Deluge, a Rainbow of New Products

ORLANDO — Educational sessions at the LDI conference sponsored by Strand Lighting-Philips and A.C.T/grandMA had to be relocated quickly on Oct. 27 after water started cascading from above — inside the building. It gushed down through light fixtures, broke several pieces of ceiling tile, and left large puddles of water on the carpeted floor.

A fire alarm had sounded before the water appeared, leading to some speculation that special effects may have set the sprinklers off. Fire department officials were also weighing the possibility that the sprinkler system itself was at fault. The mishap occurred some time after noon, while many of the participants in the sessions were on lunch break. No injuries were reported.

Despite the soggy start, the focus of attention soon turned to the plethora of new products on display. For PLSN’s 2011 LDI Show Report, turn to page 22.