FRONT of HOUSE — April 2012
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Ken Berger, Jim Sides Launch VUE Audiotechnik

SAN DIEGO — Ken Berger and Jim Sides announced the formation of VUE Audiotechnik, a new professional audio company with loudspeaker design, sales and marketing personnel based here, but with a founding partnership with Speaker Trade GmbH of Solingen, Germany, which owns a 290,000-square-foot production and R&D facility in Asia.

The founders outlined the company’s goals in a press release, which was issued the date of the company’s official launch in March: to “redefine high-output, low-distortion loudspeaker performance through roadtested design expertise, advanced technologies and global manufacturing — all with a focus on service and long-term partnerships.”

“Today’s system designers are pushing the boundaries of performance at an exponential rate,” noted Berger, CEO. “At the same time, many loudspeaker companies are struggling to keep pace as they adapt to modern manufacturing or navigate the murky waters of buyouts and acquisitions. We’re launching VUE Audiotechnik to meet the growing demands of today’s market with innovative design, advanced technology, and responsive global manufacturing. But even more, VUE is about a return to long-term relationships and exceptional service. These are the values that launched our industry decades ago, and now is the time for a return to those principles.”

VUE Audiotechnik noted that its global network “provides immediate access to purpose- designed transducers, world- class enclosures with precision-engineered transport and flying hardware, as well as an expanding range of digital and analog electronics — all manufactured in full compliance with the strictest ISO quality control standards.”

VUE Audiotechnik’s R&D efort is led by head of engineering Michael Adams, an acoustic engineer with nearly four decades of experience as an FOH/monitor engineer and tour system designer.

Sides, former CEO of Meyer Sound Germany, will also play a key role as VUE’s executive vice president. “I’m very excited about the resources and passionate team that have come together to make VUE Audiotechnik a reality,” he said. “This passion fuels our commitment to the future.”

The company’s frst group products are expected at InfoComm in Las Vegas in June.