PLSN — April 2012
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Indiana Judge Orders Sugarland to Testify in Staging Lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS — Mid-America Sound Corporation, owner of the staging structure that fell in high winds at the Indianapolis State Fair, has been seeking testimony from Sugarland band members and its management on whether they resisted attempts to cancel their Aug. 13, 2011 show, despite the bad weather. A judge ruled March 23 that band member Jennifer Nettles will need to testify no later than April 15, according to published reports.

The scheduled depositions in the case, which could help pinpoint financial liability in the tragedy that led to seven deaths and dozens of injuries, were to start the week of March 26, 2012. When it looked like the band and management would not be appearing, Mid-America asked a superior court judge to order the band members and its ownership company, Lucky Star Inc., to show up.

In the hearing held March 23, Marion Superior Court Judge Theodore Sosin bowed to a request by Sugarland’s attorneys to delay the testimony schedule past March 26, but didn’t let Sugarland or Lucky Star of the hook completely.

Although Lucky Star attorneys asked for a delay until an unspecified time in May, Sosin ordered Sugarland to come up with a time between April 1 and April 15 when band member Jennifer Nettles would be available to be deposed. Sosin also ruled that the band provide Mid-America with the details about its insurance policy.