PLSN — October 2012
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Event Safety Alliance Announces Plan to Offer North American Version of U.K.’s Purple Guide

LOS ANGELES — The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) has solidified plans to move forward with publishing an Americanized version of the widely-used U.K. guide of best practices in the event production industry, The Event Safety Guide — also known as The Purple Guide.

“This is a collaborative effort by some of the best minds in the industry lending their expertise in the specific areas of event production safety they are most qualified in,” said Jim Digby of the Event Safety Alliance. “This collaboration will provide event professionals with a reference guide that is more than a starting point to find solutions to common problems in attendee safety.”

“The Event Safety Guide brings together information needed by event organizers, their contractors and employees to help them prioritize safety in all aspects of event production,” added John Brown, another founder of the Event Safety Alliance.

The Event Safety Alliance hopes to have the project well under way by the time it meets at this year’s Event Live Expo in Los Angeles Feb. 5-7, 2013.

For more details on the project, turn to “Safety Factor,” this issue, page 48.