PLSN — November 2012
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ChainMaster Securing New Distributor Ties in the Americas

EILENBURG, Germany — Starting early this year, ChainMaster has been focusing on establishing a new distributor and service network in North and South America.

Led by Bob Belanger, who has served as head of the ChainMaster Consulting Office in Quebec City since April, the company has made progress forging ties with new distribution partners in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

“Our mutual commitment to excellence made our partnership a natural ft,” said Bernard Thériault, CEO of Arcofab, when the news of their distribution agreement with ChainMaster was announced in early October.

ChainMaster has since reported alliances with as many as 10 regional distributors, and Alexander Hartung, director of sales, said the company will “continue to expand our network throughout North and South America.”

Along with geographic proximity, advantages to end-users include freshly-trained staff.

“Their certified technicians have acquired the latest knowledge regarding our high quality standards, allowing them to offer to our customers an even better after-sales service and maintenance of our products,” Hartung noted.